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How To Manage Your Wealth During Economic Uncertainty Seminar

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Welcome to JP SANTANIELLO Retirement Planning Solutions where we believe that properly planning your retirement is a Retirement Done Right!

Retirement Done Right is our multi step process where we work with you to define your goals, a comfortable level of risk (how much you don't want to lose, if anything), and your financial needs (how much money do you want every month in retirement). 

Then we develop a Written Income Plan that addresses all of your needs, and provides a retirement road map that we monitor as the years go by to ensure that you are having the retirement that you planned, the retirement you deserve, a Retirement Done Right.

​Planning Your Future

As an Independant Investment Advisor Representative, we work for one boss - You, our client.  Our goal in working with our clients, is to provide solutions in developing a Written Income Plan for retirement.  

Your goals, your risk tolerance, your needs, not those of a Wall Street firm, or big Bank, are what we take into account as we plan the Golden Years with you.  

Investment Advisory Services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC and is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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