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Paul Santaniello

About Us

JP SANTANIELLO Retirement Planning Solutions

Investment Advisory Services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC and is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Paul Santaniellois a Financial Advisor committed to helping his clients with investment and retirement planning. Paul utilizes various strategies to assist his clients improve their investment potential, reduce financial risk, and help preserve their estate for their heirs.

An advisor since 1983, Paul has witnessed the shift from clients having lifelong guaranteed pensions to funding their own retirement through IRA’s and 401k’s, and the void of substantive, reliable, retirement income planning. Due to this, his continuing education on Social Security and the impacts of filing strategies is imperative to providing his clients with the best recommendations to reach their retirement goals.

Paul has helped hundreds of his clients implement plans in the areas of Insurance, Investments, Retirement Planning, and Long Term Care. As an independent advisor, his holistic approach allows him to utilize the services of elder law attorneys, CPAs and other professionals. His broad base of knowledge puts him in demand to provide guidance on:

  • Accumulation of Assets
  • Transition to Pre-retirement Planning
  • Distribution of Assets to Insure Lifetime Income
  • Transfer of Assets in a Tax-efficient Manner

Married for over 30 years to his wife Dorothy, the Santaniellos are blessed with three amazing and talented children; Gia, Nina, and Joey. Paul is involved in numerous community endeavors and considers service to others to be one of his greatest passions. He is currently a Trustee of the Holyoke Community Charter School and host of the local cable talk show “The Upside”.

Professional Credentials:

  • National Social Security Advisor (NSSA)
  • Investment Advisor Representative
  • Life and Health Insurance Licensed

Our specialties are Retirement and Estate consulting. Therefore, 98% of our clients are either retired or will be retiring over the next five years. They are individuals just like you. They have worked hard and are ready to enjoy their “maturity leave” (retirement). Our clients’ portfolios are typically $250,000 and above. They would rather enjoy retirement (grandkids, travel, gardening, golf, fishing, etc.) than spend that time watching the markets. 

Who Should NOT Invest with JP SANTANIELLO Retirement Planning Solutions? 
-Individuals looking to outperform their neighbors ( performance junkies)
- Individuals that do not listen to other professionals (i.e. those that continue to smoke when their doctor tells them they have emphysema). 
- Individuals trying to “time” the markets. 
- Individuals looking for the Five Hot Funds to buy NOW! 
- Individuals that are looking for another financial professional when they already work with two or three* 
- Individuals that will not disclose their financial questions or concerns. 
- Individuals focusing on the short-term.

• JP SANTANIELLO Retirement Planning Solutions does not accept shared accounts. We take responsibility for the management of your retirement portfolio. We do not accept shared accounts for the same reason you would not have two family doctors – conflicting advice can kill you.